Russia Patch, Badge - 3.15 x 2.35 inch

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Russia Patch, Badge - 3.15 x 2.35 inch - Details

Our patches can be ironed on or stitched in place.

Size: 3.15 x 2.35 inch / 8 x 6 cm

Key features:
For stitching on,
or as an iron-on patch,
20 - 30 seconds with any iron.

Your specialist for patches and badges.

Flag Russia - Flagdescription

In the summer of 1848 during the Panslavistic congress in Prague, the colours white, blue and red were set to be the Pan-Slavistic colours.

Therefore these colours are used in the flags of most of the Slavic states as well as in the Russian flag which is hoisted as an horizontal tricolour in white, blue and red (from top to bottom). This form became official on the 11th of December, 1993, whereby it was officially accepted as early as the 20th of January, 1705.

The white colour of the Russian flag today symbolizes faith and nobleness, the blue colour represents hope and truthfulness and the red colour signifies love, courage and bravery. The prototype of the Russian flag is the Dutch flag which is the oldest tricolour worldwide.