Israel Flag - 12 x 18 inch

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Israel Flag - 12 x 18 inch - Details

Our flags are made of durable polyester. The seams are stitched for durability.

Finished with a heavy-duty header.

The seams are stitched for durability

Size: 12 x 18 inch / 30 x 45 cm

Key features:
specially treated to reduce sun and chemical deterioration,
printed in bold and clear colors,
hand-washable. New and in factory packaging.

Your flag specialist.

Flag Israel - Flagdescription

Israel's flag was already presented at the Zionist world congress in Basel in 1897. With the foundation of the country in 1948, it was then officially adopted as as the Israeli national flag.

The possibility to design an entirely new flag results from the fact that Israel did not have a proper one before. The idea was initiated by Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), a Jewish writer from Austria-Hungary and simultaneous founder of the modern political Zionism. The style of the Israeli flag refers to the tallit, the Jewish prayer scarf. The colours blue and white are traditional Jewish clothing for prayers. A blue Star of David can be seen in the centre of the flag, named after king David, who is known today as a symbol for Judaism, but was used by Jews as well as Non-Jews in the Hellenistic world.

As a Jewish symbol, it evidently goes back to at least the 7th century BC.