Ireland Patch, Badge - 3.15 x 2.35 inch

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Ireland Patch, Badge - 3.15 x 2.35 inch - Details

Our patches can be ironed on or stitched in place.

Size: 3.15 x 2.35 inch / 8 x 6 cm

Key features:
For stitching on,
or as an iron-on patch,
20 - 30 seconds with any iron.

Your specialist for patches and badges.

Flag Ireland - Flagdescription

The Irish Republic refers to the tradition of the French national flag with its vertical tricolour. It was a long way for Ireland until the official recognition on the 29th of December in 1937.

The Irish were first granted permission by the British for a proper flag as a symbol for the country in 1782. The St. Patrick's Cross functioned as the first Irish flag, but became part of the British flag, the Union Jack, due to the Act of Union in 1800. Different Irish flags followed, among them the harp as a national coat of arms, but the first Irish tricolour did not appear until 1848.

While the colours and their order are symbols for the nation's virtues in many other countries, the Irish renounce such meanings. However, an unofficial interpretation claim that the green stands for the island and the catholic population, the orange for the protestant part of the country and the white for peace between the two confessions.