Iran Boat Flag - 12 x 16 inch

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Iran Boat Flag - 12 x 16 inch - Details

Our premium Iran boat flag are made from particularly tearproof polyester. The edges of the iranian boat flag are double-hemmed.

The hoist side is reinforced with a hem and contains a cord with a loop.

Further details of the boat flag:

Size: 30 x 40 cm
Resistant to UV, wind and weather,
screen print with great colour brilliancy and excellent impregnation,
brand-new, original packaging.

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Flag Iran - Flagdescription

The flag of Iran as we know it today became official in the Islamic revolution at the beginning of the 1980s which brought about the dismissal of the shah.

As well as many European flags, the Iranian flag is a tricolour consisting of the colours green white and red. In the centre the Iranian emblem decorates the flag. This is a stylized signature of Allah, that is to say God. In detail the four crescent moons and the central sword are a symbol for the five Iranian pillars. Today this is also known under the name “Farsi Symbol”.

The colours of the Iranian flag also have an important significance. Green symbolises the Islam, white symbolises freedom and friendship and red represents the bravery and the bloodshed in all wars of the Iranians. In the red and green part of the flag Allahu Akbar is weaved in Kufic writing. Translated this means “God is (the) Greatest”.