Ecuador Flag Pin, Badge - 1 x 1 inch

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Ecuador Flag Pin, Badge - 1 x 1 inch - Details

To be pinned on to clothes          Adorned and gold-plated

Our flag pins (lapel pin) with the Ecuador flag are made of hard enamel.

The pin, the basic shape and the butterfly closure of the Ecuador flag pins are gilded. This elaborate refinement additionally emphasizes the ecuadorian flag on the flag-pin and gives it a noble sheen. A must-have for every pin collector!

Further details of the flag pin:

Size: approx. 2 x 2 cm.
curved form
for attachment on the clothing,
or just for the collection.

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Flag Ecuador - Flagdescription

The Ecuadorian flag is being used already since the 26th of September 1860, even though it was only officially introduced on the 7th of November 1900.

It consists of three different colours that are arranged horizontally, but no tricolour, as the upper beam is twice as wide as one of the lower ones. From top to bottom, the colours of the Ecuadorian flag are gold, blue and red. Red stands for the country's wealth, blue symbolises the beauty of Ecuador's Nature, as well as the Sky and the Ocean. Red represents the republican freedom and independence and the blood that was shed to achieve it.

The national coat of arms is composed of different symbols. The condor embodies the strength and courage of the country, the boat union and trade, and the palm tree as well as the bay leaves peace and dignity.