Cuba Car Flag - 12 x 16 inch

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Cuba Car Flag - 12 x 16 inch - Details

Our Cuba car flags are made of tear proof polyester.

All car flags are pulled up a plastic bar and equipped with a holder for mounting the flag on the car window. The total length is approx. 42 cm.

Further details of the Cuba car flag:

Size of the flag: 30 x 40 cm
UV - resistant, wind - and weather proof.
Stable until approx. 80 km/h.
Screen print with high color brilliance and excellent silk screening

for clamping at the side window,
new and in original packaging.

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Not authorized according to traffic regulations – Usage at own risk.

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Flag Cuba - Flagdescription

The Cuban flag was hoisted at the beginning of the national independence from spain in 1902 for the first time.

It consists of five equally wide, horizontally arranged stripes in the colours blue and white. These are overlain by a red, isosceles triangle on the left. A five-cornered star can be found in the centre of the triangle. The freedom fighters Narciso López and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes played significant roles in the history of the Cuban flags. Both of them worked towards the Cuban independence from Spain in the middle of the 19th century.

López demanded the annexation of Cuba by the United States and was executed as a traitor when his plan to drive out the Spanish failed. Later, his design for the Cuban flag was adopted as a national flag anyways. Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, who was active in the Cuban freedom struggles between 1868 and 1898, was not able to convince a majority of his draft, as his political demand for distancing from the US was not accepted by powerful owners of large Cuban estates.

At least, his design was adapted as a flag for the navy.