Canada Car Flag - 12 x 16 inch

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Canada Car Flag - 12 x 16 inch - Details

Our Canada car flags are made of tear proof polyester.

All car flags are pulled up a plastic bar and equipped with a holder for mounting the flag on the car window. The total length is approx. 42 cm.

Further details of the Canada car flag:

Size of the flag: 30 x 40 cm
UV - resistant, wind - and weather proof.
Stable until approx. 80 km/h.
Screen print with high color brilliance and excellent silk screening

for clamping at the side window,
new and in original packaging.

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Not authorized according to traffic regulations – Usage at own risk.

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Flag Canada - Flagdescription

The Canadian flag has different names due to the bilingual population of the North-American country. In the English-speaking part, it is called Maple Leaf Flag, whereas it is named “l'unifolié” in the French-speaking part.

Until the official adoption on the 15th February in 1965, different variations of the British Red Ensign with the Canadian coat of arms served as Canada's national flag. While different nations let symbolic values determine their flags, the fact that the maple leaf on the Canadian flag only has 11 corners instead of 23, as it is usual in nature, does not have a special meaning. Different versions were tested in a wind tunnel and the flag with an 11-cornered Maple Leave corresponded the most to aesthetic demands.

The Maple Leaf itself, however, has deep roots in the Canadian traditions. It already established itself as a symbol for the Canadian nature and environment in the beginning of the 18th century. The further colours of the flag originate in the time when Canada was still a French and respectively English colony. The white colour comes from the French royal colour and the red refers to the St Georges Cross, which still adorns the English flag.