Portugal Flag - 3 x 5 ft. / 90 x 150 cm

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Portugal Flag - 3 x 5 ft. / 90 x 150 cm - Details

Brass grommets along the vertical side          The seams are double-stitched for durability

Our Portugal flags are made of tear proof polyester. The edges of the Portugal have a double lining and at the flagpole side a strong flag band is sewed in.

The portuguese flag is equipped with two metal eyelets on the flagpole for raising the flag.

Further details of the flag:

  • Size: 3 x 5 ft. / 90 x 150 cm
  • UV - resistant, wind- and weather proof,
  • screen print with high color brilliance and excellent silk screening.

New and in original packaging.

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Flag Portugal - Flagdescription

The Portuguese flag has a dark green third near the pole and two scarlet thirds. On the vertical border between those two colours an armillary sphere is pictured which is a navigation device to illustrate the movement of celestial bodies.

This symbolises the century of discoveries and was a personal emblem of the Portuguese King Manuel I. Above the armillary sphere is a white shield encircled with red on which the seven Castilian castles are illustrated. In the white centre five blue shields are visible which are decorated each by five coins. While blue and white represent the colours of the Portuguese Crown, the predominant combination of the flag is the red and green of the republican movement in Portugal.

It is asserted that the green colour signifies hope and the red colour the bloodshed of the people leaving their lives for Portugal.