Greece Airsticks - 3.95 x 23.65 inch

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Greece Airsticks - 3.95 x 23.65 inch - Details


Flag Greece - Flagdescription

The origins of the Greek flag date back to the 19th century. For years today’s version competed with a whole blue Greek flag with a white cross. Only on the 22nd December, 1978 the dispute was settled and the flag in its today’s version became official.

The flag of Greece shows nine horizontal blue and white stripes which may trace back to the Greek nine-syllabic slogan of the liberation war: “Freedom or death”. Another theory states, that the nine stripes relate to the word “freedom”, which consists of nine letters in the Greek language.

In the upper left corner a white cross on a blue background is visible which shall represent the Greek Christian tradition. The colours blue and white date back to the Byzantine Empire, but throughout the years blue was never used consistently in the Greek flag but always in different shapes.