Mexico Table Flag - 5.9 x 8.65 inch

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Flag Mexico - Flagdescription

The Mexican flag was officially introduced on the 16th of September, 1968. Its appearance is based on the flag which was firstly hoisted up in 1821, the year of Mexico’s official independence from Spain.

It is a vertical tricolour in green, white and red. In the middle, placed on a white bar, the Mexican emblem is pictured. It is based on an Aztec legend and is of great importance for the Mexican identity. The emblem shows an eagle sitting on a cactus and eating a snake while the cactus is positioned on a rock over a sea. According to the legend the - at that time nomadic - population of Mexico looked for a place to found a city. Their God Huitzilopochtli offered this picture to be the perfect place for founding the city Tenochtitlán which is today known as Mexico-City.

After a migration which lasted about 200 years they found this place on a little Island in the state of Texoco. The colours on the Mexican flag have different significations and date back to the banner of the army of the three guarantees, a military unit in the war of independence within the beginning of the 19th century. Originally green represents the Spanish independence, white the Roman Catholic Church and red the union between Europe and America.

Among the secularization under President Benito Juárez, one of the greatest Mexican reformers, the colours gained a new meaning: now green symbolizes hope, white unity and red the blood of the heroes.