Cameroon Cap, fan

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Cameroon Cap, fan - Details

  • 6 Panel Cap
  • 100% Cotton
  • washable by hand

Flag Cameroon - Flagdescription

The national flag of Cameroon is – as well as the flags of many other African states – a tricolour, kept in the Pan-African colours.

Green symbolizes the hope of the Cameroon population and the country forests, red signifies the blood which was shed in the war for independence and yellow symbolises the sun and the savannah in the north of the country. In the centre a yellow star is disposed which symbolically keeps together the different parts of the country.

The history of the Cameroon flag is shaped by the European colonial rulers. There was no flag hoisted under German rulers during the First World War, and after the bisection between France and Great Britain the country got two flags. Both were the flags of its occupants.

As early as 1955, there were first attempts to establish an own flag but all attempts failed until the French section of Cameroon adopted today´s flag on the 29th of October, 1957. But it took until the 20th May of 1975 – three years in the aftermath of the Cameroon union - for today’s flag to be hoisted uniformly.