Algeria Table Flag - 5.9 x 8.65 inch

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Flag Algeria - Flagdescription

Algeria's flag consists of a green and a white half which are separated vertically.

The centre of the flag depicts a symbol of the Islam, the crescent moon with a five-pointed star. Although this symbolism is from a pre-Islamic origin, being used by Islamic States, it has adapted such a meaning.

The Algerian flag is based upon the flag of the "Front de Libération Nationale" (FNL), an independence movement in Algeria during the fifties, that is today still active as a political party. Until the FNL led the people to independence, sealed on the fifth of July 1962, the Algerians were dominated by the French for more than 130 years. The flag was already officially adapted two days in advance.

According to French sources, around 350000, according to Algerian sources up to 1,5 million Algerians were killed during independence battles. Not only the first of November as the beginning, but also the fifth of July as the end of the revolution are public holidays.