Albania Table Flag - 5.9 x 8.65 inch

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Flag Albania - Flagdescription

The national flag of Albania presents itself with a black double eagle on a red background, which was used before by the Byzantine Empire.

The flag of Albania is official since 7th of April, 1992, but it dates back to the 15th century, when the national hero and at that time prince Gjergj Katriota, named Skanderberg defended Albania against the Ottoman Empire.

The Albanian flag imitates his seal. Up to now, the double-headed eagle is a symbol of resistance and freedom. It is decorated by 25 feathers because Skanderberg fought 25 battles during 25 years against the Turks. In 1911, when Albania proclaimed its independence and fought war against the Slavs and the Turks on two fronts, under the rule of Dedë Gjon Luli the Albanian flag was run up for the first time since 500 years in this form.